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The Denver Broncos’ summer break began with an ominous message from superstar Von Miller. The Super Bowl MVP suggested he’ll sit out the 2016 season if general manager John Elway doesn’t meet his contract demands in the next month.

One day after saying on Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix show that there was no way he’d consider skipping the season, Miller posted a photo on Instragam on Thursday that said: ”I love my Teammates, Coaches, and My Fans” but there is ”No Chance” I play the 2016 season under the Franchise tag.”

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If the sides can’t agree on a long-term extension by July 15, Miller would have to play this season on the franchise tag of $14.129 million – or he could choose to sit out the season altogether.

Acrimony set in last week, however, when the team leaked details of its offer that Miller’s camp rejected.

The six-year, $114.5 million offer included $38.5 million in guarantees over the first two seasons, far below the going rate for elite players. The Broncos offered a third year at $19.5 million that would only kick in after the 2017 season.

Miller wants that third year fully guaranteed from the start. His price assuredly has risen in the last week, too, because a couple of days after the negotiations between Miller and the Broncos hit a standstill, Eagles defensive lineman Fletcher Cox signed a six-year extension that runs through 2022 and includes $63 million in guarantees.

That’s the most ever for a non-quarterback. And he’ll get $55 million of that within the first nine months because a big portion of the guaranteed money kicks in a month after the next Super Bowl.

At that ring ceremony, Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe took a serving tray and turned it into a collection plate, imploring everybody to pitch in and help GM John Elway sign Miller. The tongue-in-cheek gesture actually netted some greenbacks.

After the Broncos took a pause in talks with Miller’s agent and pivoted to finishing a four-year, $32 million deal with linebacker Brandon Marshall, Miller took his first social media swipe at Elway.

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